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Spring Time - 5 Places To Hike Near Buffalo, NY.

Who's ready to leave the winter behind and hike into the Spring?

Hunters Creek- is located about 10 minutes away from the heart of East Aurora. Parking can be found at either one of the trail heads. One is located off of Centerline Rd and the other off of Hunters Creek Rd. The trails are marked with intersection numbers and spray paint on the tress along the way.

Tips for your Adventure

Located at either parking lot is a trail map, be sure to take a photo before you start. This will help you navigate the endless amount of paths along the way. ** Comes in handy if you check out the creek and need to find your way back**

Prepare for the possibility of getting wet and bring some extra clothes/socks. Along the creek you will come across spots to walk, swim, and even jump into the water.

Birdsong Nature Trail- If you're a fan of nature preserves and bird watching then this is the spot to be! This location is just minutes away from the village of Orchard Park and can be found at the entry way of Birdsong Parkway. (off to the left)

You're in the right place when you see the Birdsong Trail sign and book exchange from the parking area.

Tips for your Adventure

At the sign I usually head left and walk for about .10 miles before hitting the first boardwalk. That will take you right into the woods where you can begin to explore. Eventually the 1.5 mile path will lead you back out to the open field and with a short walk back to the car. **

What You Can Expect:

  • Multiple Boardwalks

  • Birds

  • Multiple Ponds

  • Creeks

  • Plant Life For Daysss

  • Benches / Relax Areas

Note: there's another entrance off of Freeman road.

Beaver Meadows Parkway - Is located in North Java, NY which is about a 40 minute drive from downtown Buffalo. This location is HUGE and has what seems like a limitless amount of trails.

What I enjoyed most about my visit to this location was the surprises along the way.

Surprise 1 for me .... was at the end of the Hawk Watch Trail. I thought it would be just another trail that stops and you turn around, except this spot had other plans. At the end is a cute wooden lookout shelter with a bench for two and an educational guide.

I know it may not seem like a lot however it made for a really nice place to relax and take in your surroundings

Surprise 2 for me.... I can't recall what trail it was on nevertheless, during my adventure I came across giant book pages. These handmade pages where spread along the trail and had an informational story about bats.

Tips for Your Adventure

After you pass the "Welcome Center" you can find a little parking area off to the left of the big pond. Here you can also grab a pamphlet and catch up on your species of trees & plants.

The Buffalo Outer Harbor is one of my favorite places in Buffalo!

Buffalo is known to be the city of good neighbors and for giving back to the community. The outer harbor does just that! It gives families a place to go and enjoy a bike ride together... it gives you a place to take your dog where they can cool off in the water... it gives you a new place to read a book under the sun and so much more!

For more info and a breakdown of the harbor, go check out my other blog post "I Thought You Said Otter Harbor"

The following pictures where taken from what I like to call "my secret spot". I'll give you a hint... enter Times Beach Nature Preserve, keep to the left and walk the rocks all the way to the end.

Royalton Ravine- this was one of the first adventures I went on after starting my blog last May. This location is located in Gasport, NY and contains everything you could want in a hiking trail.

The full story about this location can be found in my other blog post "Who Ever Smelt It Dealt It" but I'll do a quick overview here for you!

Parking can be found right off the street and is close to the shelters and pond area. This is a great spot to have a picnic with the family and toss around a football.

Into the Woods... after walking around for a while you will run into some fun things.

  • Suspension Bridge

  • Stone Ruins

  • Waterfall/ Creek

EXTRA! Right after the Suspension Bridge go straight up the hill and you will find yourself at the edge of an apple orchard.



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