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Hi! I’m Cassie,

Just your average weirdo....

My name is Cassie, born and raised in Buffalo, NY! #billsmafia 

Growing up I would travel to the same locations every year. I would hike the same trails and not even think about what else was out there.


It wasn't until I was 23 and felt like something was missing in my life.


So, what does any rational 23 year old do.... quit their job and travel to New Zealand perhaps? 

That is exactly what I did and I've never looked back. 

Fast forward 5 years and I've been to some of the most amazing places in the world and I don't plan on stopping. 


I've met people who have opened my eyes to different cultures. I've created incredible memories that will last a lifetime. 

With that said I ask that you make the most out of every ADVENTURE no matter how big or small. 

I promise that you will gain strength, clarifty and self love throughout the process. 

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