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Scoby Dam, a place of Chaos and Calmness!

Scoby Dam is just a short drive from the heart of Springville, NY. Yes, if you assumed there's a dam at this location then you are 100% right and should listen to your instincts more often.

Getting There

It might seem straight forward after putting Scoby Dam into your GPS, however I want to caution you on the following.

In this google maps photo you can see that I have colored one road red and the other green.

My GPS originally took me along the red path and to the adjacent side of the creek from where I wanted to be. If you find yourself down this route as well, no worries you can just turn around and the right road to take is just around the corner.

The green path will take you directly to the Scoby Dam parking lot. If you see the park sign and the gates off to the left then you are in the right area.

Once parked, your journey can begin by taking the path around the gate. Soon after you will be greated by a welcome sign and a mini forest of tall red shaded trees.

The hydroelectric dam will be about .1 miles from the welcome sign and off to the right. The dam was built in 1924 and is about 182 ft wide and 30 ft high. Fun Fact: It used to supply electrictiy to the village of Springville back in the day.

The dam portion is a pretty cool area, however I definitely suggest continuing down the path for a quick hike. Along the short trail you will find vibrant greenery (during season), graffiti and a rustic bridge.

The trail is about a .7 mile walk one way and ends when you get to the bridges.

My favorite part had to be the beautiful and calming water!


Scoby Dam is a great place to go and experience nature for about 1-2 hours. The beginning section can get pretty loud, so if you want to find calmness and peace continue on past the dam.

Things you can do at Scoby Dam

  • Fishing

  • Picnic

  • Short Hike

  • Word of mouth- I've heard that some people launch their Kayaks here

Have Fun and Happy Adventuring!


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