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Nature Spots to Check out next time you're in East Aurora, NY!

Did you know that East Aurora, NY is home to some incredible hiking spots? If you didn't ... well it's your lucky day! This post is going to dive into three different locations for you to explore next time you're in the area.

1) Hunters Creek- is located about 10 minutes away from the heart of EA. Parking can be found at either one of the trail heads. One is located off of Centerline Rd and the other off of Hunters Creek Rd. The trails are marked with intersection numbers and spray paint on the tress along the way.

Tips for your Adventure

  • Located at either parking lot is a trail map, be sure to take a photo before you start. This will help you navigate the endless amount of paths along the way. ** Comes in handy if you check out the creek and need to find your way back**

  • Prepare for the possibility of getting wet and bring some extra clothes/socks. Along the creek you will come across spots to walk, swim, and even jump into the water.

2) Majors Park- is only a 3 min drive from Main St. in the village of EA. The biggest draw is the boardwalk trail, which is about a 1/2 mile loop surrounded by wild flowers and greenery. (aka the perfect setting for a romantic date)

Tips for your Adventure:

  • The first time I put Majors Park into my GPS it took me to a random spot on South Street, so make sure you are going to the entrance right off Olean street marked with the following sign.

  • I originally thought Majors Park was just the one trail, but come to find out there's plenty to explore.

3) Owen Falls Sanctuary - is a 4 minute drive from Main St. in the village of EA. It contains an easy 1 mile in and out trail through the woods and has a waterfall along the way. For more in dept details about this location, go check out my other blog post "No, Owen Wilson did not fall here"

Tips for this Adventure

  • If you want to explore more of the waterfall/creek area, try and avoid going around a big rainfall. When I went the water level was so high that the path disappeared at one point.


These 3 locations offer a different view of East Aurora in all the rights ways and the best part is these locations are fairy close to one another!

Thanks for reading and have fun on your ADVENTURE!


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