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Water Wonderland In Derby, NY!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Hobuck Flats in Derby, NY is an Outdoor Botanical Garden Water Wonderland!

The main entrance can be found at the end of Versailles Rd. You will know you're in the right place when greated by a small parking lot and bridge at the bottom of a hill.

As mentioned above there is a small parking area but during busy days you may find yourself needing to park on the street up the hill.

Tips: use your emergency break if parked on the hill & honk your horn when rounding the corner at the top of the hill to let other cars know you are coming

We rolled up in our normal "ready for a hike" gear, but after a couple of weird looks from the people around ... we got the hint that we may have been a little overdressed. Everyone else was in their bathing suits and looked ready for the beach.

The bridge is one of the key elements to this location and gives you a great view of the area right off the bat. From up above we saw a handful of families playing in the water and others fishing down below. You could even see dozens of HUGE fish... so I would say this is probably a prime fishing spot.

After crossing over the bridge we followed what looked like the main path. This narrow trail took us on a journey through the shaded woods right beside the water.

My favorite part about this adventure was all of the vibrant greenery and the variety of flowers and plants along the way. I'm sure my friend was sick of me saying this, but it truly felt like I was in an outdoor botanical gardens! (and its free)

When walking around I have to say that almost every other group of people that passed had children with them, so be aware that this place is VERY KID FRIENDLY. With that said this may not be the best place to go if you and your friends are looking to cool off and throw back some beers.

After walking maybe .25 - .50 miles in you can start to see the waterfall up ahead. The waterfall is another main feature of this location and does not disappoint.

What did disappoint me was the overflowing garbage bin at the falls and the fact people didn't seem to mind adding to the pile. Regardless the trash didn't take away from the beauty of the waterfall.

Always keep in mind you leave a FOOT PRINT wherever you go. Please clean up after yourself and be kind to the environment!

After waiting for people to clear out of the area I was able to grab a closer look at the falls.

From the falls.... if you continue on one of the many paths it will most likely lead you back out to the flats. Once back to the water it seemed like you could walk down the creek for miles on end. We decided to only go about a half mile before turning around.

On the way back we can across a group of about twenty people just having a little party. They were playing music, splashing in the water and enjoying what the flats had to offer.

At this point I was really tempted to take a swim, but since we weren't dressed for the occasion... we just took our shoes off and walked through the water. At some points it was really slippery because the moss didnt cover all the rocks. With that I would maybe suggest to keep your shoes on or bring water shoes with you.

We explored for about an hour until taking a seat on one of the concrete edges along the way. I highly recommend also doing this because it was a great spot to just relax and soak in the surroundings before leaving.

Thanks for checking out this post :)


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