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Explore Buffalo's Outer Harbor!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Buffalo Outer Harbor is one of my favorite places in Buffalo.. let me tell & show you why!

Buffalo is known to be the city of good neighbors and for giving back to the community. The outer harbor does just that! It gives families a place to go and enjoy a bike ride together... it gives you a place to take your dog where they can cool off in the water... it gives you a new place to read a book under the sun and so much more!

So I asked myself,"What does the outer harbor give me and why do I love it so much?"

My answer ... MEMORIES

Last year I joined my first kickball league on Tuesdays nights down at Wilkeson Pointe with my friends. Now everytime I go by the kickball field the memories of the games and the random dance parties on the sidelines come to mind.

When I was younger we had a boat that was docked at the small boat harbor. So now when I pass the marina I'm reminded of the times that me and the family would spend the day on the boat which included all day tubing and delicious ham sandwiches.


Wilkeson Pointe

Here you can rent bikes, view randomly placed art, and even watch a kickball game during the season. If all those activites work up an appetite .. no problem! There is a small shop that offers snacks and adult beverages right there for you.

While spending time at Wilkeson Pointe you may notice a lot of birds flying around .. that's because right next door is Times Beach Nature Preserve. I personally haven't had the chance to explore it but it looks very nice from the street view.

The Wellness Trail

This is one of my favorite trails that I run all the time! I love it because it's right next to the water, is pretty flat and most of all it's abosolutly breath taking around sunset. The trail is marked every .25 miles and spans 3 miles long from Wilkeson Point to the Lakeside Bike Park.

Gallagher Pier

Offers a pet friendly beach and a boardwalk with picnic tables along the way. This is also a great spot to launch small boats/personal watercrafts such as jetskis and kayaks. The one bummer is that swimming is not permitted at this location so if you want to swim some laps this is not the place for you.

Small Boat Harbor

Is a typical boat marina where you can get fueled up, dock/launch your boat and even grab yourself a bite to eat at the newly renovated resturant, Charlie's Boat Yard.

Tift Nature Preserve

Isn't technically part of the harbor but its close enough in my book and is worth the mention. Tift is especially great for learning about conservation and bird watching. In addition to their welcome center filled with educational resources you can get out and explore the 5 miles of trails/boardwarks.

Trail Maps


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