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Get your Fall Foliage fix by visiting these breathtaking locations!

Adirondaks, New York

The drive alone is worth the trip and no matter where you go there will be beauty all around! Some areas that I've personally explored and recommend are the following.

Lake Placid- If you want to rack up those high peaks, then this is the area to be. If the high peaks aren't your speed you can always check out Mt. Jo for a killer view...but less sweet.

Keene Valley- Home to some of my favorite views along with the best coffee spot, Old Mountain Coffee Co. Nearby you can find the Indian Head Trail, it's an 11 mile hike that leads to an Instagrammers dream.

Lake George - Take in the fall colors while touring around on one of the Lake George Steamboats. Another activity I suggest is find a place to go horseback riding through the woods nearby.

Whilmington- aka Whiteface mountain region. Relax and go on a gondala ride up to amazing views of nearby high peaks and Lake Placid.

Letchworth State Park, New York

Many people refer to it as the GRAND CANYON of the east. During the fall, crowds flood in by the dozen to see the amazing waterfalls surrounded by fall foliage.

Letchworths main features are the 3 major waterfalls and Mt. Morris Dam. Along with those you can find a variety of hiking trails, campgrounds and festivals throughout the year.

Tips for this ADVENTURE

  • Quickest way to get to the falls is by entering the park through the Portageville entrance. The other main entrance will be Mt Morris, this is where the Dam is located. If you enter at Mt Morris it's about a 30 drive to the otherside of the park.

  • The Middle & Upper falls are close enough that you can park at one and walk to the other. You will want to drive to the Lower falls unless you need to get your steps in.

  • Entrance fee is usually $10

Rimrock, Pennsylvania

Rimrock is a great spot to work on your outdoor climbing skills. In fact, there is a guide book available that helps navigate around and list over 220 boulder problems. (

There is also a 1.3 mile trail that spans from the Rimrock overlook to Kinzua beach. The trail is filled with endless oak trees and will bring you up close with the fall colors.

If you want the best view of the fall foliage, definantly check out the overlook. It's only a short walk from the parking lot and includes amazing views of the Allegheny Reservoir.

Kinzua Bridge State Park, Pennsylvania

"One of the coolest places I've seen to date, it's a remarkable mix of nature and architecture".

The Kinzua Viaduct was built back in 1882 for the use of transporting goods. It served many years as a railway but unfortunately was destroyed by a tornado back in 2009. Today, you can find a spectacular skywalk that leads to an overview of the ruins. Whats even better is there's a trail that will take you right down to the ruins, so you can get a closer look.

When it comes to the fall aspect of this location, the skywalk gives you the perfect platform to experience the miles of color around you.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ellicottville, NY - Holiday Valley, check out the Mountain Coaster

  • Buffalo, NY - Tift Farms Nature Preserve

  • East Aurora, NY - Knox Farms is a great place to take the doggos

  • Cheektowaga, NY - Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

  • Wayne County, NY - Chimney Bluffs State Park

  • Cattaraugus County, NY - Allegany State Park

Happy Fall Adventuring!


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