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Drink Your Way Through Downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

Let's go Day Drinking in DTSP

Start Your Morning!

If you're like me then you can't function without a good breakfast and extra large coffee in your stomach. To get your morning fix stop by 2nd & Second and pick yourself up a breakfast burrito and maybe even a Mojito.

If you miss the early start no worries, 2nd & Second is also open on Saturday and Sunday nights from 10pm- 6am... aka get some grub to help with your drunken night feels

First Stop!

After fueling up, make your way down to Central Ave which is home to Cycle Brewing.

Cycle brewing hits you with a splash of art alongside tasty refreshments.

One of my favorite features is all of the art on the walls, in fact if I had room in my suitcase I would have purchased two of the decorated ukeleles that hung beside my table.

After you get a good buzz on, take to the streets and head torwards Green Bench Brewery.

Along the way be sure to keep your eyes pealed for the street art all around you. In fact one of my favorite murals is just a 3 min walk from Cycle Brewing.

Shark Toof can be found at 687 Central Ave

One of the reasons I love St. Pete is due to the colors and joy the streets bring me!

Second Stop!

Green Bench Brewery Co. has earned a spot in my top 3 favorite breweries for many reasons.

1) The Libations, choose from a variety of Beer, Cidar, or Meeds.

2) The Decor, gives me an outdoor meets mancave kind of vibe.

3) The "Yard", this section outside really makes you feel comfy and gives the space to mingle with fellow neighbors.

4) The Location, just so happens to be right next door to my favorite Mexican resturant, Red Mesa Mercado

Speaking of Red Mesa... I think it's time for a food break!

Enjoy a delicious meal and be sure to take a mascot selfie with your food.

My order : Chipotle Chicken Burrito, Chips & Queso with a Yuengling :p

Last But Not Least ...... end the night at Park & Rec DTSP

Have you ever spent hours on hours trying to figure out where to go for a night out with your friends? Park & Rec is the PERFECT solution!

Want a Sports Bar Vibe - Park & Rec DTSP has you covered

Want a Beer Garden/ Rustic Vibe- Park & Rec DTSP has you covered

Want a Nightclub Vibe- Park & Rec DTSP has you covered

Want an Outdoor Tailgate Vibe- Park & Rec DTSP has you covered

My first experience at Park & Rec was everything I thought it would. It was packed with a ton of people #singlereadytomingle , a variety of music and games.

Although me and my friends spent most of the night chilling at a high top, we did find time to join some locals for a couple rounds of cornhole.

At one point I even snuck over to the club scene to twerk for a song or two.

With all that said, I hope you have a great time exploring DTSP and all it has to offer..... and don't forget to HYDRATE!



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