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Chasing Wiscoy Waterfalls!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Wiscoy Falls is located in Portageville, NY right around the corner from Letchworth State Park and about an hour drive from Buffalo, NY. It's not as popular as the "Grand Canyon" of the east, but it sure holds its own and is well worth the drive.


When it comes time to park, you can find a small lot off to the right (if you're facing the falls). Additional parking can be alongside the road, but be careful. Cars will be coming down the nearby hill and around the bend without knowing you are there.

The "Trail"

There isn't an offical trail, it's more of a human made path beside the creek. It starts right at the parking lot and continues the whole way until you reach the dam at the end.

Tips for the Walk

  • Some reviews stated you could walk on both the left and right side of the creek ... but I would definantly stick to the right.

  • Parts of the path will require you to climb up rocks. Please take your time because they can get pretty slippery and frail.

  • Watch out for holes & dips along the way.


Wiscoy creek is home to many waterfalls and a huge dam. To see everything you will need to take the path adjacent the creek and upstream for about .3 miles. Along the way, you can get up close to the roaring waters... but make sure to watch your step.

To be honest... I'm not sure what else I can say about this incredible location, so I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


Wiscoy falls is like a mini Letchworth minus the insane crowds. It's absolutely breathtaking and a great location to soak in some negative ions. Also, I couldn't find a map or photo that really showed the whole location, so I used my awesome drawing skills to provide one.



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