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Chimney Bluffs State Park, NY!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

About 2 hours away from Buffalo, NY you can find yourself at the Chimney Bluffs in Wayne County. The focal point of this adventure is to see the Bluffs, but don't let that take away from the full potenial the trails have to offer.

My friend Sue and I ventured out one day and found ourselves on the edge of Lake Ontario staring out at a view like no other.

Once we found parking we made our way to the little welcome center. From there we chose to start our adventure by taking the East-West Trail. If you take this path ... about half way in you should reach a crossroad where the EW & Drumlin Trail meet. Take a left at this point and travel down the Drumlin trail and you will soon find yourself at the Bluffs.

When you make it to the bluffs area you will be greeted by a Danger Stay Back sign. I don't recommend doing this but we saw people climbing all over the bluffs. At one point it looked like some people where even having a picnic right next to the peaks.

We also saw people walking the shore line down below but at the time we didn't know how to get down there. Come to find out there is actually stairs that you can take, at the danger sign take a right and that path will lead you right to those stairs.

After spending a decent amount of time at the bluffs we started to head back to the car via the Bluff Trail. Of course I couldn't help myself and stopped along the way to do some quick sit ups with my Camelbak

While taking that trail back and after my quick workout I noticed another spot in the distance that peaked my interest... Garner Point!

The Garner Point Trail

While everyone was busy seeing the Bluffs, this spot turned into a ghost town... Garner Point became the treasure I didn't even know I was looking for.

(All the photos below where taken at this spot)

We did end up checking to see if there was in fact a beach down the one marked trail but did not find one. What we did find was a nice ledge to sit down and enjoy the breathtaking view.

After soaking up some sun we then traveled back down the Garner trail which lead to the car and the 2 hr drive back home.  

Trail Map

Red- Parking Options

Blue - Chimney Bluffs:

Yellow - The Main route including the EW, Drumlin & Bluff trails

Pink - Garner Point Trail: "The Hidden Gem"


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